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The Manual Arts Army JROTC embarks on its annual Cadet Ride to the USS Midway:

Ships Ahoy!

The Manual Arts Army JROTC Program located in Los Angeles, California embarked on its annual Cadet Ride to the USS Midway on October 23, 2015. Attending the trip were 109 of the 531 cadets in the Army JROTC program.
The cadets left the high school in two buses at 0600 hours that morning escorted by CW4 Vernon Dayton the Senior Army Instructor.  Many of these inner-city cadets have never left their local neighborhoods, but on this particular date they ventured into unknown territory to explore the past and look to the future. 

Prior to the date of the field trip, Cadets were divided into groups of 6 and asked to conduct extensive research on the purpose of the USS Midway and its missions and the role it played in the history of the United States. Also located at Manual Arts high school are some mementos that indicate that some very significant and important individuals had walked those very same hallways and stairways. These same individuals played an important role in World War II.

First there is former U.S. Air Force Major General Jimmy Doolittle, a 1917 graduate of Manual Arts high school, the famous Air Force pilot who led the first attack against Japan in April 1942 and Medal of Honor recipient for his actions during World War 2 and Edward Henry Heinemann, another graduate of Manual Arts high school (1925) who designed several military aircraft, the A-20 Havoc –World War II bomber and the SBD Dauntless –World War II dive bomber for Douglas Aircraft Company used in the battle of Corral Sea and the battle of Midway.. Many of those aircraft had a major impact on the success of many aerial operations conducted by the many aircraft carriers used during and after World War II. 

While visiting the USS Midway cadets were sent on a scavenger hunts to gather and verify their research information. The information would later be used to construct a four to five page essay and 3 slide PowerPoint presentation to their class members, counselors or administrators of the high school once they returned. After the trip the cadets understood how the contributions of members of their local community have had an impact on the operations of the USS Midway and history of the United States. 

By: Vernon Dayton
CW4 [R] US Army
Senior Army Instructor
Manual Arts High School

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