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TENNESSEE and KENTUCKY JROTC Cadets Clash at the 4th Annual Talon Strike Raider Competition:

On October 4th 2014, 10 High schools from Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky met at Creek Wood High School in Charlotte Tennessee to compete in the 2014 Talon Strike Raider Competition.

The Talon Strike Raider meet is one of the largest in Middle Tennessee and tests a Raider teams’ physical strength, mental agility, leadership, teamwork, communication and endurance.

“This year we made it even more challenging by adding Team endurance events” said SGM (R) John Conner, Army Instructor at Creek Wood High School.  

The Talon Strike competition consisted of 7 of Events to include a Keep-in-Memory Test (KIMS), Individual Strength Test (push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups), Team Endurance Relay, Strong Raider Team Tractor-Tire Flip, Casualty evaluation/evacuation, HMWWV push, Team Rope Bridging, and the 1.1 mile Talon Strike Team Raider Run.

Creek Wood’s SAI, CW4 (R) Scott Loose reminded cadets before the competition started that “the Talon Strike would be a real test of endurance and teamwork”.

There is no denying that each event required considerable physical strength and endurance but what was not readily evident was the planning and decision-making that was required in an extremely condensed time-line. 

For the teams to be effective at each event, team Captains as well as team members were forced to quickly evaluate the situation and determine the best method to employ team members to successfully navigate the event.

Clarksville High School’s Raider Team took first Place overall, nudging out Creek Wood by a single point. This was Clarksville’s first time competing in the Talon Strike and they are already looking forward to returning next year to defend their first place title.

By: CW4 (Ret)  SCOTT LOOSE Creek Wood High SAI and COL(R) Mike Taliento DAI CMCSS

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