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Sarasota Military Academy Rifle Team Soars at the 2016 Montgomery Bell Academy Rifle Classic:

Cadets from the Sarasota Military Academy Rifle Team travel to Nashville, TN every year to represent Army JROTC, 6th Brigade and Sarasota, Florida in one of the largest junior shooting event in the country – Montgomery Bell Academy Rifle Classic.
The SMA Rifle Team activities, including fundraisers, are year round and frequently compete in events which require travel. The cadets are expected to be leaders (formal or informal) and set the example as student-athletes to perform at a high level both on the range and in the classroom. Cadets in our program that travel will communicate with their teachers/instructors and obtain assignments and other work prior to departing. Once we arrive at our destination, our cadets know the routine which is daily mandatory study time in a common area and this is where the KEY TO SUCCESS – TEAMWORK, comes in to practice.  With cadets’ ranging from freshmen to seniors with academic abilities across the spectrum, cadets are selfless and see themselves as part of something bigger-the team- and they help their team-mates with marksmanship and also academically.

The routine teamwork focus and mentality and true sense of caring for and helping others by the cadets of the Sarasota Military Academy was rewarded in earning 1st Place in the Precision Class and 4th Place in the Sporter Class at the MBA Rifle Classic.  

Our Sporter team was led by Sophomores Sune’ Venter,  Taryn Granger, Faye Bryans and first year member Keyla Quintanar.
The    Precision Team was led by Team Captain Savannah Reid and Senior Hannah Oravec.

1st Place Precision;  Kinga Aletto, Mary Tucker, Savannah Reid and Hannah Oravec.

For these cadets, the JROTC Program and the Rifle Team provides a sense of purpose, direction, motivation and belonging.
Excellence is Our Standard!


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