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Roma High School’s Gladiator Battalion holds First Annual U.S. Army JROTC Military Ball.

Inside the Roma High School Cafetoruim the First Annual Gladiator Army JROTC Battalion Military Ball was being celebrated on 15 May 2015. With all the bells and whistles.  We had our Honor Guard with sabers drawn honoring all guests, along with our Colors Guard presenting our colors. 

It was the first ever Gladiator Battalion Military Ball since the activation of the battalion in 2003. Prior to this event, the cadets only had an Awards Assembly type event.  “We had a blast and as a freshmen and enjoying a Prom like event was awesome” said Cadet CPL Mauro Cruz.

"We had dreamed of a Military Ball for the past three years and now we had one as seniors” said Cadet LTC Mayra Solis, Gladiator Battalion Commander. All former Gladiator Battalion Commanders were invited along with High School Administrators, School Board Members, American Legion Post 93, VFW Post 9175 and supporters of the program.  Juan M. Escobar, Combat Veteran/Politician, was our guest speaker and gave a speech for the ages.  Emphasizing education and the need for selfless serve to our country.  Also our County Sheriff Rene Fuentes was in attendance.  Always supporting our youth groups in the county.

“The kids deserved a Military Ball and they got one” said LTC(R) Luis Barrera, Roma HS Senior Army Instructor.  Besides all the fun and memories, there was also a moment to remember those lost. The missing man table described by Cadet Battalion Commander LTC Mayra Solis.  Nearly every part of the table is steeped in symbolism. A white tablecloth portraying the pure motives when they served. A lemon is a reminder of the bitter fate of those missing in a foreign land. A pinch of salt symbolizes the tears of our missing and their families who long for answers after decades of uncertainty. And inverted glasses symbolizing that the missing cannot partake in the night's festivities.

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