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East Anchorage High AJROTC’s own Cadet Tatiana Ticknor attends Tribal Nations Conference panel with President Obama:

Meeting the President of the United States? Bucket List Complete!
Written by: 1SG Christopher Watts EAHS JROTC

The highlight of the Cadet Career was experienced by East Anchorage High AJROTC’s own Cadet Tatiana Ticknor at The White House Tribal Nations Conference held in Washington D.C. last spring. Cadet Ticknor, an Alaska Native, was one of 10 native youth selected among 567 federally recognized tribes to attend this question and answer panel chaired by President Obama. “When I found out that I was going to be on a panel with President Obama, I was in shock.”

Who wouldn’t be? The man appointed to the highest position in the United States is about to ask you what you thought about the state of native relations and youth empowerment. Cadet Ticknor also attended town hall meetings and listened to panels throughout the conference. “We were chosen by the leadership from our communities to represent the council.”

Cadet Ticknor also got to meet the Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell, and talked to her about tribal matters and village experiences. The Secretary even used some quoted material from their conversation during one of the town hall meetings.  “I was amazed she remembered me.”

The panel with the President lasted about 1.5 hours and ended with Cadet Ticknor teaching the President a word from her native language. “I taught him a Dena’ina word. It was “Tava” which means swan. Then we went backstage and took pictures with him and just hung out.” The conference included elders from the different tribes as well who were part of the viewing audience and also asked questions to the panel. JROTC Cadets everywhere can be proud that JROTC is represented by cadets of all nationalities and cultures.


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