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Lighthouse BDE help with relief efforts for Lullwater Residents:

This year is our first year establishing a true Brigade type structure.  We have always had a C/COL (BDE CDR) and a BDE CSM but this year we took it a step further.  The Cadets came up with the name the Lighthouse BDE because that is the School District symbol.  We also conducted interviews to elect a fully functional BDE Staff to help the command team; S1, S2, S3, S4, and S5. 

The BDE Commander, C/COL John Pippins contacted all the Battalion Commanders and asked if they would collect monies throughout their schools to help with the relief efforts of the Lullwater Residents that lost everything in the recent fire.

The BDE Staff meets once per month to discuss community projects/service learning projects worthy of their efforts and resources.  The fire occurred after our last scheduled meeting so a group of cadet staff members called an emergency telephonic meeting to decide what they could do to help the families.

The fire occurred o/a Wednesday morning 21 OCT 2015 around 3am.  They were able to evacuate all the tenants but were unable to save all the housing units.  In fact, one of our own cadets and her family from Northside High School lost everything.  This venture was solely initiated and executed by the cadets with minimal involvement from the JROTC Teachers at their schools.  These young people are truly the future civic and military leaders of the near future!!!! 

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