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Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps

“Leadership and Character Development Program -Continues a History of Excellence”

Reflecting back on all of the community service, leadership training, life skill training and competitions that our cadets participated in over the past as well as the current year, it is simply amazing! It is often asked, “How can a program administered by such a small group of instructors plus so many cadets, accomplish so much?” The answer without hesitation is, the dedication and passion in this small group of retired soldiers, who extracts and demands every ounce of leadership, scholastic and athletic abilities from the students. Below are highlights of excellence dating from July 2012 to this current school year.

Scholarships– In SY 2012-2013 selected cadets earned Military Academy, ROTC and Academic Scholarships totaling $3.267 million dollars. The SY 2013-2014 scholarship values are projected to equal or exceed last year’s values.

Academics – 96.8% of graduating seniors enrolled in JROTC were accepted to Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) by the completion of SY 2012-2013. Currently, we’re on track to get closer to our goal of having 100 percent of our graduating seniors accepted to IHLs.

Leadership/Developmental Training opportunities are provided to cadets outside of the classroom with minimal to no cost to the cadet:

  1. Eight to fifteen cadets from each of the 7 high school JROTC units annually attend a one week Junior ROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge Camp at Ft. Knox, KY; and, a one week STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics ) Camp at Mississippi State University.

  2. Two to three cadets from each school annually attend the one week Boys State and Girls State-an educational and leadership program of government instruction, conducted on the campuses of Mississippi State University and University of Southern Mississippi, respectively.

  3. A minimum of 240 cadets attend a Military Academy/Senior ROTC Jamboree hosted annually at Forest Hill High School.

  4. A minimum of 240 cadets participate annually in a Financial Literacy Workshop at the Hinds County Extension Office.

  5. Several cadets attend the HOBY (Hugh O’Brien) Leadership Workshop annually at Millsaps College.

  6. Selected cadets participate annually in a STEM program with Jackson State University through the Interdisciplinary Center for Nanotoxicity Summer Institute.

  7. Annually, the upcoming school year cadet leadership from each high school (Commander, Senior NCO, XO and the six operating staff members) attend a three day Leadership and Staff Development Course in the summer, hosted and instructed by JPS JROTC Cadre.

Classroom Instruction, Competition and Community Service/Service Learning are the support pillars designed to mentally, physically and emotionally develop the cadets. In the classroom, cadets are exposed daily to an AdvancED (the parent organization of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement SACS CASI) accredited curriculum that support the State Common Core Standards, with latest technology and approved teaching methods and strategies. Cadets are encouraged and at least semi-annually and/or annually participate in Precision Military Drill, Academics (locally and nationally), Physical Fitness, Scholarship and Cadet of the Year competitions. Cadets are afforded the opportunity to compete annually for the nationally recognized Legion of Valor Award. This award is the highest non-monetary award that a cadet can receive. Cadets from JPS have received this award seven of the past nine years. Hundreds of JPS cadets conduct visits to various college campuses annually as they participate in homecoming parades, conduct orientation visits and attend camps.

JROTC cadets perform approximately 31,000 hours of community service and service learning annually. They help build houses, visit and entertain elderly veterans, assist tax preparers at free tax preparation sites within the community, assist the VA with job fairs, perform flag duties within the schools, local organizations and governmental function and host Veterans Day Programs within the schools. Last year and this year cadets hosted a Consolidated Military Gala where over 800 JPS cadets attended each year. Annually the cadets host a Pass-In-Review Ceremony where over 1000 cadets are showcased in this premiere event. This school year, all 7 JROTC units have implemented an Adopt -a -School Program. It is one of our Wildly Important Goals (WIGS) designed to strengthen relations and provide more structure to JROTC involvement with students in middle and elementary schools. We are happy to report that cadets have been welcomed into the schools and they are positively interacting with selected students often.

The JROTC Corps of Cadets has and will continue to strive for excellence within the schools, the communities, the state and nationally. For more information about JROTC visit Hoo-ah!

Mission: “To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens”

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