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Hickory High School Army JROTC Cadets serve as the color guard at Time Warner Cable Arena:

On the evening of February 11th, 2014, Hickory High School Army JROTC Cadets were honored to serve as the color guard at Time Warner Cable Arena as the Charlotte Bobcats pounded the Dallas Mavericks. JROTC Cadet Commander Nathaniel Brown, Cadet Miguel Betancourt, Cadet Preston Rinehardt, and Cadet William Dyer were selected to represent HHS at this event.  First Sergeant (Retired) Johncarlo Lewis coordinated the event, and he and Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Channing Moose trained one of the state’s finest color guards to perform.

In addition to serving as color guard, these students and cadre met with star NBA star players such as #25 “Big” Al Jefferson, # 15 Kimba Walker (shown in  photo), and assistant coach Patrick Ewing, along with the Bobcats’ Cheerleaders.  One of the most special people they interacted with was Command Sergeant Major (Retired) James Jordan, Michael Jordan’s “big” brother.  Just before the game and as eyes met between Lewis and Jordan, they recognized a strong familiarity – the  camaraderie of old Soldiers within the profession of Arms.

Mr. Jordan retired after 31 years  in the Army at the highest enlisted rank. Last night, Mr. Jordan personally inspected the color guard, and also the cadre, and shared words of wisdom and leadership to the HHS Cadets, inspiring them to strive for excellence.  Moose said, “Command  Sergeant Major Jordan is a true patriot and inspiration to our cadets.  He served our country well and has never forgotten what it’s like to be a Soldier. It was such an honor to finally meet him.”  After returning from the trip, Cadet Brown stated that he had never participated in such a highly visible event.

What an honor to hold our nation’s Flag, a symbol of our people, our country, and our freedom.  Moose and Lewis presented the Bobcats’ event staff personnel with Hickory High Tornado Battalion Leadership-Excellence coins and would like to thank them for their professionalism and generosity and for allowing them the honor of being a part of their TEAM by honoring our nation’s flag and servicemen and women.

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