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Gibbs High School JROTC Welcomes Medal of Honor Recipients:

On September 8th, 2014, 12 Junior ROTC cadets from Gibbs High School welcomed six honorable men to Knoxville, Tennessee.  These men were here in Knoxville for the 2014 Annual Medal of Honor Convention, which honors both men and women.  These men served in the Vietnam War 1965-1969. These honorable men went above and beyond the call of duty and risked their lives to save others.

Under the command of C/LTC Allie Traylor, the 12 cadets welcomed the Metal of Honor recipients at McGhee Tyson airport with a saber arch honor guard.  The recipients honored were SGM (ret) Kenneth Stumpf, CPT (ret) Thomas Kelley, COL (ret) Joe Marm, COL (ret) Harvey Barnum, COL (ret) Donald Ballard, and LTC (ret) Harold Fritz.  Their duty ranged from the U.S. Army to the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps.  These men performed acts of valor.  In return they received the Congressional Medal of Honor for their heroism and patriotism.

We would like to thank all active and retired U.S. Military men and women who have or are serving. We were honored to do this honor guard for these men and will do it again. These men have inspired us and many others to strive to do our best and be more patriotic.  Thank you!

C/MSG Bonnie Johnson
Gibbs High School JROTC Public Affairs Officer

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