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General Martin E. Dempsey, Chief of Staff for the Army Surprises attendees of The Wildcat Battalion’s Annual Military Ball:

Millbrook High School’s JROTC “Wildcat Battalion” located in Raleigh, North Carolina held its 6th annual JROTC Ball last Saturday, February 7, 2015. Upon arrival, the Cadets attending were astonished to discover General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was planning to appear at their event.  

General Dempsey was in town to speak at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, and coincidentally was in the same location as Millbrook JROTC’s Ball when he noticed a multitude of cadets walking around the hotel’s lobby in JROTC uniforms. 

The Chairman’s Communications Officer approached First Sergeant (Retired) Lem Gray Jr., the Battalion’s JROTC Instructor, to facilitate the arrival of General Dempsey.  

Shortly after the ceremony commenced, General Dempsey surprised everyone by entering the room and shaking hands with the battalion’s Cadet Chain of Command, the Honorable Judge Craig Croom who was the invited Guest Speaker, and the school administrator.  Additionally, General Dempsey presented his coveted “Chairman of the Joint Chief of staff” coins to four Battalion Color Guard members. 

He then said a few words of encouragement to the remaining Corps of Cadets and parents attending the ceremonious event.  “General Dempsey’s presence at the ball will motivate cadets to strive for excellence and continue to have pride in their unit” said, Cadet Captain Malik Smith, the Battalion’s Executive Officer. 

The memorable visit by the Chairman will be remembered by Millbrook High School’s JROTC Wildcat Battalion for years to come.

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