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East Anchorage High School, Alaska.. The Standard In Diversity.

Diversity comes in many forms in organizations and has many faces. At East Anchorage High School the Army JROTC Thunderbird Battalion exemplifies this unique facet every day. Recent studies conducted by the Rankings for U.S. Public Schools, have given East High School its #1 ranking in the United States as the largest most diverse school in the country in 2012/2013 and this year’s figures at the opening of the 2015/2016 school year re-enforce why the school was recognized for this statistic.

The Army JROTC program at East High School submitted an opening report that met the 10% of the total school population goal set by Cadet Command. The cultural and ethnic diversity (see submitted photo  ”The Faces of Drill”) within the programs ranks is a cultural kaleidoscopic view of the world in a single shot. Its competition teams and battalion overall esprit de corps are the Cadet Creed in practice every day; “I will work hard to improve my mind and strengthen my body”. From the diverse instructor staff, to the first year cadet, the battalion’s motto “Commit to Excellence, Strive for Greatness” meets the schools goals in offering cadets a full and rich high school experience through diversity.

Story By First Sergeant Christopher Watts EAHS JROTC LET 1 Instructor

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