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East Anchorage High School JROTC Color Guard… Always Ready.

“They were awesome!  The arena, packed with almost 3000 Alaskans and guests, watched proudly as the color guard marched forward to present the colors.  A key moment in an evening of key moments”.

These were the comments made by Jeffry Silverman, Special Assistant to the President; Alaska Federation of Natives, on the performance of the East Anchorage High School JROTC Color Guard after their professional presentation of the colors kicking off the “Rising Up Together Celebration”. The event was one of several events conducted in Anchorage commemorating President Barack Obama’s visit for an entire week to the Great state of Alaska. This visit marked the first ever such visit by a sitting president to Alaska's Arctic, according to the White House.

The cadets were notified with very little info and very little prep time, but their excitement in being selected to conduct the colors presentation was just too awesome an honor to pass up. The cadets were professional and precise as they made their way to center stage; presented then retired the colors. Their performance was a tribute to JROTC Cadets and instructors everywhere who take the time to make the presentation of the colors a task well done ANYWHERE ANYTIME!

Story by 1SG Christopher R. Watts Army Instructor

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