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Early County High School JROTC Program Donates Time to Give Back to Their Community:

Four Cadets from the Early County High School JROTC Bobcats donated their spare time during the week and the week-ends by giving back to the community, fulfilling the mission of JROTC "To motivate young people to be better Citizens."
Knowing the importance of what it means to be a Better Citizen. In October, the Cadets worked with Habitat for Humanity to help build a local family a home. While working in the  house  the Cadets assisted with installation but because they realized the seriousness of the project the Seven Core Army Values kicked in so that they put the welfare of others first therefore; fulfilling an obligation, and doing their duty so that they went back in January 2015 to help with the sheet-rock.

Cadet Wimberly, was so motivated that she went back to help looking for a chance to show her commitment and to display her leadership abilities.  She is pictured hard at work along with the homeowners carrying out her assigned task.

Congratulations to the Early County High School JROTC Bobcats, and to Cadet Wimberly for a job well done!

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