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JROTC cadets nominated to be Craigmont High’s Homecoming Court:

Craigmont High School located is Memphis Tennessee.   This year’s football homecoming was planned by the JROTC Department.  The homecoming court was nominated by the students and to the surprise of the leadership was mostly made up of JROTC cadets.

When the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) MSG Michael Williams was asked about the large number of cadets in the court he said, “ I am really surprised because normally when you think of this type of event you normally associate it with the most popular kids in the building”.  

He went on to say that he was very proud because it shows that cadets can be smart, popular, and great leaders to the school and community.  SFC Aldridge the Army Instructor at Craigmont said that the event to give his staff members some much needed experience in planning community and school events. 

The cadets under the watchful eye of their instructors put on an elegant affair that will be remembered by school staff, cadets and students at Craigmont High School.


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