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Cadet Roma Martinez takes Silver Medal in the Junior Open and Youth National Boxing Championships.

Cadet Roma Martinez of MacArthur 9th Grade school represented Houston, Texas in the Junior Open and Youth National Boxing Championships this past January. Winning a Silver medal, she showed dedication and had motivation into what she loves- boxing. Traveling all the way to Reno, Nevada she fought for her way onto the Junior National Olympic team to represent not only team USA, but also Aldine ISD in the World Boxing Championships in Taipei, Taiwan.

Starting only at the age of 12, Cadet Martinez showed motivation and interest into starting something new and challenging. “My grandpa would always watch boxing when I was younger and the spotlight they had made me hungry for that spotlight and to show people that anyone can do anything their heart desires, no matter their background,” Cadet Martinez described. Her surroundings are what motivate her most she says.

Cadet  Martinez’ ultimate goal out of all this hard work is to one day be standing on the podium in the Olympics. Taking step by step, she thrives to get a medal in the 2020 Olympics. Never stopping to for anything that gets in her way.

Cadet Martinez is an outstanding cadet.  She is highly motivated and is a natural leader.  In April 2015, Cadet Martinez received the rare and prestigious Presidential Fitness Award by MacArthur JROTC, signed by US President Barack Obama.  She did 50 pushups, 58 sit-ups, and ran a 6.1 minute mile.
She will be headed to state this year on May 8th, traveling to El Paso, Texas to compete in the Junior Olympics.  If successful, she will then travel to West Virginia on June 8th to compete at the national level.  Her ultimate goal is to be in the 2020 Boxing Olympics representing the United States of America.  This young leader is a person to watch.

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