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Cadet Commander Leal - Dreamer:

Cadet Commander Leal was a 4 year JROTC Cadet who ascended into the Battalion Commander Position. He had 3.9 GPA, Led the District PT Team to first place, a former S-3, Color guard, Sabre Guard and Drill Team performer, he was the quintessential cadet in every way, a perfect candidate for  West Point, but Cadet Omar Leal cannot even join the military.
Cadet Leal found out when he was 15 that he was not a U.S. citizen and his dream to join the military was shattered. Congressman Castro - San Antonio Rep, invited him to Washington DC to discuss the "Dream Act" and invited him personally to sit in on the Presidential State of the Union Address. There are only 435 Seats available for each House of Rep. He was one of the lucky 435 to be invited to sit in the room.
Cadet Leal has since graduated and is attending St. Phillips College.
As a JROTC instructor we are tasked to “Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens” I had very little work to do with Cadet Leal, I feel it was very brave to come forward and expose his legal status in his attempt to help himself and others like him. He was brought over from Mexico when he was 2 years old and had NO clue that he was not a citizen until much later. It hit him like a ton bricks.
He fears the ramifications for his family and therefore was very reluctant to come forward - but yet - similar to MLK - he wanted to come forward and make a change.

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