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"To our Cadet Regimental Commander, Colonel Charmaine Scarlet, JOB WELL DONE!!!"

Nestled right inside the Beltway off of Pennsylvania Avenue, in Forestville Maryland is one of, if not the smallest High School in Prince George’s County Public Schools; Forestville High School / Forestville Military Academy / The Academy of Military Sciences & Homeland Security, and we are making HISTORY!!!!!

Where approximately ninety-five percent of the student body are JROTC Cadets; Advance Placement classes are enlarging; twenty-two percent of our student earned honor roll status this year; community service is second nature; academic scores have been on the upswing for the last several years, and seventy-nine percent of our 2013 graduates where enrolled in two and four year colleges with the Class of 2014 knocking right at that average, it is not surprising what I am about to share with you.

The letter dated April 15, 2014 begins with:  “Dear Charmaine, Congratulations!  We are very pleased to inform you of your selection as one of the 1,000 Gates Millennium Scholars for the GMS Class of 2014.  We commend you on your strong leadership, community service and academic achievements that contributed to your selection as a Gates Millennium Scholar. Your accomplishment is especially notable in context of the more than 52,000 students who applied, making this year one of the most competitive candidate groups in the program's history.We are very excited for you to join the community of Gates Scholars and we are very pleased to confer this distinct honor that distinguishes you as a Leader for America's TM future.”

To our Cadet Regimental Commander, Colonel Charmaine Scarlet, JOB WELL DONE!!!  Her accomplishment alone establishes history not only for herself, but also the PGCPS, stakeholders of Prince George’ County and the state of Maryland as outlined above in the letter.   However that is just part of the story.   For the second time in the last three years a cadet from Forestville Military Academy has been bestowed this honor.  

Under the leadership of our principal, Mr. Nathaniel Laney, our commandant, Colonel Hubert Bagley, (Retired) and former head of all JROTC programs in the nation, our staff members, not to leave out the contributions of our former commandant, General Warren Freeman,

“We Are On The Move”.

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