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Army National Precision Air Rifle Champions and Cadet of the Quarter 3rd Quarter:

OZARK, MO - Cadet Linda Clavijo a freshman and first year cadet has earned the title of LET 1 Cadet of the Quarter for 3rd Quarter school year 2013-14.

The criterion for earning this award is based on a possible score of 1,150 points (100 points for JROTC Grade, 400 points for Grade Point Average, 150 points for Marksmanship Qualification, 30 points for JROTC Extra Curricular Activities and 500 points for Cadet

Cadet Clavijo maintained a score of 98% in her JROTC class through the third quarter, currently has a 4.0 GPA, earned a score of 126 on her Marksmanship Qualification, earned 10 points for being on the Drill Team and scored 400 on her Cadet Challenge (Physical Fitness Test).

Her total score was 1,034 out of 1,150 points.

Congratulations to Cadet Linda Clavijo for a job well done!

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