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Lincoln cadet selected to the Crump Law Academy:

Cadet Alicia Yancey, a sophomore at Lincoln HS, San Diego CA was selected as a participant in the Crump Law Academy at Howard University, Washington DC.  In 2001, with a recognition that it must be in the forefront of positive change in the legal profession, the National Bar Association (“NBA”) established the National Bar Association Crump Law Camp. Selectees convene for a two-week residential camp with youth from over 40 states. The Law Camp, which is designed to provide high school students with an enjoyable and comprehensive introduction to the challenges of a legal education, attracts students throughout the United States from diverse backgrounds.
Since only 10 percent of the nation's lawyers are people of color, the primary goal of the Law Camp is to encourage young students of color to improve their grades in high school, attend college and enter law school. The NBA's partnership with Howard University School of Law reflects the school's mission of cultivating lawyers who will positively impact communities across the nation and the legal profession. According to the Law Camp’s founding members, "If America is to become a true melting pot, the legal system must lead the way. This can be done only when diverse groups of people bring their cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds into the equation. Therefore, although the camp has an open enrollment policy and is available to all students, its emphasis is on empowering students of color."

More than 90 percent of this nation's lawyers are Caucasian, as are more than 80 percent of the students enrolled in law school. Yet, more than 30 percent of the United States is comprised of people of color. Projections are that by the year 2050, more than half of the people of this country will no longer be Caucasian. It is imperative that we begin now to direct students of color, while they are young, to seek careers in the legal profession. Thus, there is need on the part of bar associations of color to "grow attorneys." If America is to become a true country of inclusion, the legal system must lead the way. This can be done only when diverse groups of people bring their culture, ethnic and social backgrounds into the equation. The Law Camp's director, a graduate of Howard University School of Law and a practicing attorney, refers to the Law Campers as "young advocates" who see the program as "a great opportunity to influence young people to get serious about school and to set goals toward completing college and perhaps law school."

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