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JROTC Congratulates Cadet Katherine Agnew:

Cadet Second Lieutenant Katherine Agnew, a LET 4 and Battalion Operations and Training Officer from the Woodbridge Senior High School, Army Junior Officer Training Corps, Woodbridge, VA, was one of a good number of junior high power rifle shooters to participate in the 2014 Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) National Trophy Rifle Match held at Camp Perry, Ohio, over a two week period this past July. The 2014 National Trophy Rifle Match at Camp Perry attracted over a thousand of some of the best marksmen in the country, including those of Olympic caliber. Besides junior shooters (cadets and students), Camp Perry also hosted individual shooters from all branches of our military, including teams representing our best Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard marksmen. In addition to the matches at Camp Perry, the CMP organization provided the junior shooters the opportunity to take classes where they received instruction from the Army and Marine Corps rifle team members.

In addition to the regular high power matches, Cadet Agnew was one of a few junior shooters who also participated in both the Vintage Sniper (M1C and Springfield 1903A4) and the JC Garand (M1) Matches, and also the M1 Carbine Match. Her experience at Camp Perry gave her a hands on lesson in American history. She fired various rifles that were used in WWI (Springfield 1903), WWII (M1 Garand), Korea (M1 Carbine), and the current follow-on military rifle the M16 (AR15) that was used in all subsequent wars during the 20th Century.

Cadet Agnew is the team captain of her Woodbridge, VA, American Legion Junior Shooters air rifle program, where she fires only one evening per week. On the last day at Camp Perry, she competed in the CMP National Trophy Individual Match against over 900 other shooters, some of whom are national level high power rifle shooters who have the advantage of training daily. Her score was a respectable 426, with 3 "X"s, out of 500 possible points with many of the shots. Not bad for a young shooter.  Of the Junior Shooters that competed in the CMP National Matches this year, only 7 competed in the Vintage Sniper, JC Garand, and M1 Carbine Matches of which only two were young ladies. Of these seven only three (3) went on to compete in the President's 100 and of these three only Agnew went on to the National Trophy Individual and was also a Junior Shooter in the Hearst Doubles.

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