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Bluffton High School JROTC awarded the Superintendent's Cup:

The Beaufort County School District in South Carolina has 5 High Schools. Each service branch is represented by one of the High Schools.  The Army JROTC is represented by Bluffton High School.  Every year the JROTC programs compete for the Superintendent's Cup. 

On Friday, 6 March, Bluffton High School won the Cup for the third year in a row.  This year the competition was sponsored by Whale Branch Early College High School, a USMC JROTC program.  The competition took place during the annual district JROTC formal dining-in. 

This year the competition consisted of exhibition drill.  The venue for the Superintendent's cup changes each year.  This year the focus was on Joint JROTC Comradely and Competition.  During the dining-in, cadets from each school dined together and shared their JROTC experience. 

The Bluffton High JROTC was represented by the Company Commanders, First Sergeant's, and Primary Staff Officers (see photo).  At the conclusion of the dining-in, the Superintendent's Cup was presented to Bluffton High School JROTC Battalion Commander (Cadet LTC Cameron Etheridge and Drill Team Commander Cadet SGM Vianney Torres (see photo) by the School District Superintendent, Dr. Jeffery Moss and the Whale Branch Senior Marine Instructor, Col Wallace.

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