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To our Army JROTC Instructors and Cadets, Brigade JROTC staffs, USACC Staff, and all others who visit this web site, Welcome to the New Army JROTC Web Portal. This web portal opens the door to one of the most successful programs in the world – one that’s oriented towards youth development and success. With more than 1731 JROTC programs, 314,000 Cadets, 4,000 Instructors, and thousands of supporters, the Army JROTC program emphasizes character education, student achievement, community service, diversity, and giving back to others. This web portal will provide valuable information to these areas of interest and will feature the following pages:

• An Overview of JROTC • A History of the JROTC Program
•• Key Personnel/Chain of Command •• Contact Information
•• Instructor Training • Co-Curricular Training Events
•• Program Vacancies • Instructor Tools for the Classroom
•• Instructor Management/Pay •• Instructor Employment Opportunities
•• Educational Opportunities for Instructors and Cadets •• Features on JROTC Programs
•• Army JROTC Curriculum Timeline • Reference Library (Current Information And Archives)
• Best Practices for the Classroom •• Service Learning Projects (Some Ideas)
•• Links to other useful web sites

Thank you for visiting your new JROTC Web Portal. We appreciate your visit, and ask that if you have ideas for how we can improve the site, please contact us at

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